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Ellen Hauptli

Simple, elegant, fun clothing crafted individually and sturdily for women of all ages and sizes. She uses a variety of fabrics with a traditional respect for geometric shapes to achieve form and fit, all with her signature thread-bound seams and edges. Ellen strives to create clothing that visually, sensually and spiritually pleases, that complements and enhances the wearer’s personality and goals, because it’s always more than just looks.

Hauptil VestHauptli Jacket

Rossheim/Marrinson Studios

These decorative vessels are studies in
simplicity and grace of form, the juxtaposition
of textures and colors enliven each other while
appearing to have the inside come alive through
the luminosity of soft, non-reflective surfaces.

Mary Melinda Wellsandt offers up a seemingly endless variety of designs executed in glass enamel baked on glass shapes that are often sandblasted. Her imagery is derived from nature in  an  intriguing variety of techniques which range from cutting stylized stencils of floral designs to using original photography which becomes transformed into multicolored images that are transferred to the glass.
These vases are a delight to all and are very functional as well.

Lisa Ryman

Functional and beautiful hand painted bottles for oils/vinegars/etc.
Please call for colors and shapes. Lisa changes the designs frequently.
A perfect and welcome present.

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