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Work that is unique and beautifully crafted by artists from around theclay pieces at optionsworld.
Sue is always looking for art that will enhance your home, feed your eye, and bring joy to your soul. Sue carefully works with the artists to bring inspiring art for you to see and enjoy. The variety is “across the board” from sculptural pieces to decorative and useable bowls and wooden serving pieces. All are made with the care and beauty that you can expect to find at Options Gallery, Inc.
......................................................Ceramic sculpture by No'eau

Nancy Winn -Papier-Mâché sculpture

Salvaged postage stamps, telephone books, comics, electrical wire, packing materials,
bits of fiber, antiquated sheet music, maps, and newspapers become useful again in
my papier-mâché art

Mullanium Birds
Handmade in Florida. These sculptures give life to once forgotten pieces of yesterday.

Mullanium BirdsMullanium Birds

Beneath the Oak by Thomas Creed

Local Artists

Local artists create most of our paintings. All are original. The medium ranges from oil, acrylic to porcelain, photography and giclees. We rotate the art and provide new work frequently.
Options offers a design and consulting service if you need
advice regarding locating the artwork in your home or office.

Print by Thomas Creed

by Sally Baker

Cindy Swan-Brodie

Cindy Swan-Brodie is a local artist that is whimsical as well
as talented in capturing the essence of the animals that she
paints. Their personalities come alive through her work.


Melbeck Studios
These one-of-a-kind floormats enhance any room and they have been created for durability as well
as beauty by Arizona artist Melinda Curtin.

Melbeck Studios

Options Gallery | 126 Matheson Street | Healdsburg, Ca. 95448