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Sabine Contemporary Jewelry

rings by sabineDescribed at times as contemporary with an ancient feel, modern/medieval, whimsical/sophisticated, capturing some of the paradox that makes life interesting. Using silver, gold and stones each piece is created to be as unique and as individual as the person who wears it. The only gallery Sabine shows her work in is Options Gallery.

Tomasz Plodowski

An engineer by profession, he has translated the physics of building
bridges into elegant jewelry.
His designs are contemporary with a high-tech architectural flair.
Thomasz Plodowski resides in Warsaw.

The signature ring and diamond earrings from Tomasz Plodowski show the versatility of the designer.
diamond earrings at Options

The Mysterium Collection

A beyond interesting collection of jewelers from Poland.
Contemporary, interesting and very wearable.

This beautiful necklace from the Mysterium Collection appears to float on the neck.
The material is a combination of sterling silver and 14K gold.




An elegant pair of earrings and pendant necklace




Another elegant earring design



A unique ring and woven cuff bracelet!

Options Gallery | 126 Matheson Street | Healdsburg, Ca. 95448